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    How to Become a Member?

    We encourage people that are wanting to try CrossFit to come to a free class on Wednesday or Saturday. If you can't make it to a class on these days please feel free to text the owner to set up another day.  After you make your decision that CrossFit is right for you, you will need to attend the Fundamentals program.  The Fundamentals program is $150 per person, and includes six one on one classes to go over basic technique, movements, gym rules, and nutrition.  This also includes your first month membership. Once you finish with your six one on one classes with a coach you will be rewarded a HardCharger T-shirt and can attend any class you wish.

    What Is Included in My Membership?

    Unlimited Classes Per Month

    Workouts are scaled for all levels to prepare you for the standard Workout of the Day (WOD). Mixed level classes are open to all members regardless of experience and any workout can be scaled to any fitness or skill level. In addition, workouts can be modified for those with injuries, those coming back from a long hiatus, or any other circumstance.