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Olympic Lifting Snatch Progression with empty barbell

From the high hang 2 rounds of 5 reps each:

–Dip, Stand (Make sure torso is upright)

-Dip, Drive shrug (Torso upright and speed through the hips)

-Muscle Snatch from the high hang (Elbows high)

-Squat Snatch from the high hang (get tall)

-Squat Snatch from the mid thigh (Pull your knees back in this position)

-Full squat Snatch (be patient off the Floor)

Snatch Balance (5×1 building to a heavy)

Snatch (5 sets of 3 Position Snatch (High, Mid, Ground))

Extra Work

5 supersets

10 ghd sit ups

10 ghd hip extensions

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


13 Toes to Bar

13 American Kettle Bell Swings

13 Lateral Box Jumps Over*

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