CrossFit HardCharger – CrossFit


250m row

Knees to chest

High kicks

250m row

Inch worm

High knees

250m row

2 min pigeon pose

1 min shoulder distraction

Barbell primer

5 reps

Straight Leg Dead Lift

Hang clean

Front squat


Good mornings

Skill Work

Practice jumping up and down with legs locked out, no piking or butt kicking.

50 unbroken single unders (make sure you are moving the rope with your wrists and not your elbows)

Practice 2 singles and one big jump single

Practice 2 singles and one double ( stay here until mastered)

Practice 1 single into 1 double

Unbroken doubles

Metcon (Time)

Complete this ascending and descending ladder for TIME. The rep scheme is as follows (for Level 3):

RX+ 225/175

RX 185/145 cut doubles in half or do all in singles

Fitness 135/95 singles

10 Deadlift

20 Double Unders

8 Deadlift

40 Double Unders

6 Deadlift

60 Double Unders

4 Deadlift

80 Double Unders

2 Deadlift

100 Double Unders

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