CrossFit HardCharger – CrossFit

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” —Walt Disney


500 Meter Row then 3 rounds of…

30 Banded Pull Aparts

10 Push Ups

20 Banded good mornings

Aerobic Capacity

Bike 50 cal, 40 cals, 30 cals… rest 2 minutes between intervals 🙂

Skill Work

Rope Climb (3 Rounds)

J hook to stand from sitting on a box

Knees up plus J hook to stand

-1 Rope climb

Metcon (Time)

Teams of 2

5 Rope Climbs

50 GHD Hip Extensions

4 Rope Climbs

40 GHD Hip Extensions

3 Rope Climbs

30 GHD Hip Extensions

(double the rope climb reps if coming off the ground to standing.)

Assistance Work

3×5 Weighted Bar Dips

3×5 Weighted Pull Up

3×5 Strict Deficit HSPU for max depth

3×5 Weighted Ring Row with plates on chest

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