CrossFit HardCharger – CrossFit

Warm Up

A.) 2 Rounds NOT FOR TIME

1:00 Bike

15 Air Squat

20 Single Unders

B.) 75 Band Pull Aparts

C.) 30: on each stretch each side

Twisted Cross

Dragon Pose

Puppy Dog Pose

D.) Foam Roll 3 Minutes


Metcon (Time)

Teams of 2:

80 Cal Row

80 Hang Power Clean 65/45

80 Cal Bike

80 Double Unders

80 Cal Ski

80 GHD Sit Ups/100 ABMAT Sit ups

Extra Skill/Accessory Work

A.) 3X12 Alternating DB Curls

B.) 2×12-15 Flat Bench DB Press

C.) 1X20 Banded Press downs (Dudes use green bands. Ladies Red Bands).

Cool Down


Want to see better results? Give your body and mind some time to heal. Think of today’s workout as “I am moving around for an hour”. Some days it’s pedal to the medal, some are scheduled de-load or even rest days. The one’s who receive the best results are those that can trust the process. Can you?

Use whatever time you have left to stretch out or foam roll any sticky spots.

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