CrossFit HardCharger – CrossFit

Warm Up

A.) 5 minute Aerobic Capacity SLOW ROW

B.) 1:00 Puppy Dog Pose

1:00 Pigeon Pose

1:00 Saddle Pose

Body Building

A.) 3X10 Empty Barbell Curl

B.) 3×15 Elbow Out Presses

C.) 3X12 Flat Bench DB Bench Press

D.) 3X25 Hip Extensions

E.) 50 Ab Wheels in as few Sets as possible

Extra Skill/Accessory Work

**Use the rest of this time to (with low intensity) work on some of your movements that may need work. ie: empty barbell snatch work on the minute. Working on your kipping movement. HS Holds, etc.**

This is a scheduled “rest and recovery” day. Tomorrow is 18.1. Get ready for it and be ready to roll!!

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