CrossFit HardCharger – CrossFit

Warm Up

A.) 20 PVC Pass Through

20 PVC OH Squat

20 Stiff Leg PVC Deadlift

Then repeat

B.) 2 min ski/row/bike (athletes choice).

C.) banded shoulder dislocate 1;00 each arm.

Thread the needle—1:00 each arm.


Push Press (5X5 (pick a weight and stick to it))

This is a bit of a de load week. Don’t get too heavy.move well!


Metcon (Time)


Cal Row

Push Up

Abmat Sit up

**RX + for this wod is cal bike :)**

Ski is appropriate as well.

Cool Down

A.) 3 min bike at Z1

B.) optional: 3X12 Z press super set with 20 band pull apart

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