CrossFit HardCharger – CrossFit

Warm Up

20 Min active recovery row or bike (grab a buddy and hammer down at a talking pace)

Assistance Work

3 GIANT sets

30 Banded Good Morning

30: GHD Static Hold

30: GHD Hip Extension Hold

30 Banded Curls

Optional Extra

**Spend the rest of your alloted time foam rolling sticky spots and stretching deep into your capsules, or working on extra stuff. Look at this as “open gym”. Today and next Thursday will serve as our last two “active recovery” days on Thursdays. The point behind these workouts are to increase blood flow to the target areas and give your body and mind a rest so you are performing optimally on Friday’s. You more want to go “pedal to the medal” all the time, but resting and recvovering is an important aspect of overall fitness–can you trust the process? **

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