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Warm Up

**This is the last week of the open! Lets finish strong. More importantly, this will be the last week of our “Maintenance” strength portions. Next week, we will begin to get into the specifics of our strength program starting a new meso cycle. Show everything much attention and lets lead the charge!**

A.) 3 Rounds Slow

20 Side Leg swings

20 Front leg swings

30 second max effort high knees in place

B.) Seated Forward Fold: 1:00

Seated Straddle 1:00

Standing Forward Fold 1:00


Front Rack Barbell Lunge (10×4)

EMOM STYLE: 4 Front Rack BB Lunges on the minute for 10 minutes (2 per leg). Build Weight, pick a weight and stay, or perform it in waves.

Assistance Work

3×20 Hip Extensions…as soon as you get to the top on rep 20, hold 10 seconds.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 9 Mins

30 cal row

25 Air Squat

20 DB Snatch 50/35 lb DB

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