CrossFit HardCharger – CrossFit

Active recovery

5 Rounds Row Conditioning

1:40 On, 20: off

Rest 2:00 mins

4 Rounds

1:40 on, 20:off

**This is a preset on the concept two rower, but you can perform this on the bike or ski as well. This all should be done at a talking pace (or a little above)**

Active recovery

A.) Foam Roll Sticky Spots for 5 minutes

Assistance Work

2 GIANT sets

20 AB MAT sit ups

20 Banded Good Morning

20 Banded Pull Aparts

20 Banded Curls

Cool Down

Spend the rest of the time stretching and mobilizing (RomWod account is available if anyone wants to use it)

**This is the last and final week of the CrossFit Open. We are so proud of your guys effort, but it is not over yet. Lets keep the foot on the gas this final week and Lead The Charge!**

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