CrossFit HardCharger – CrossFit

Warm Up

A.) Lacross Ball Mash 3 areas: Pec Minor, Lower back, and calf muscles.

B.) 3 Rounds Slow

20 Calf Raise

20 Banded Pull Aparts

20 Sideways Leg Swings

C.) Reverse Plank Hold 1:00


Metcon (Time)

“Glen With A Twist”

Teams of 2, For time:

135/95 pound Clean and jerk, 60 reps

Run 800 m with a 20 lb med ball (partners can split up who holds the med ball as desired)

10 Rope Climbs (Split up reps as desired)

Run 800 m with a 20 lb Med Ball (Partners Can Split up the reps as desired)

100 Burpees

**If a male and female happen to be partners in this wod, the standards DO call for a 20 lb partner med ball run for both genders 🙂 **

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