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**Today we are going to focus on two things: Skill work and practicing for the festivus wods. If you’re not competing this Saturday, give this WOD everything you have. If you ARE competing this Saturday, go into this workout with the mindset “Practice”. Focus on transitions, clean reps, and go to about 80-85% of your threshold point. After, take mental note of where you could have cleaned up reps or could save yourself valuable seconds. More than anything, DO NOT REDLINE today. Today is a shoot around, Saturday is gameday. Goodluck!**

Warm Up

A.) 5 min Bike/Ski/Row

Increase pace gradually each minute.

B.) Couch Stretch 1:00 Each Leg

Banded Hip Stretch 1:00 Each Side

20 LIGHT KB Swings

Skill Work

Spend 10 Minutes working on BUTTERFLY Pull Up progression. If you can do butterfly pull ups efficiently, move to butterfly C2B Pull Ups. If you can do those proficiently, move to bar muscle ups. Make sure you’re getting a great kip.


Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)

With a 3-minute Running Clock…

Part 1 – Max meters rowed in 1 minute

Part 2 – Max double unders (DUs) or single unders (SUs) (Athlete’s choice) with remaining time

The athlete will first perform the row. The judge will have the rower preset with 1:00 on the display so it counts down to zero for an exact meters rowed measurement. The athlete can choose any damper setting.

After completing maximum meters rowed in 1 minute the athlete will perform either double unders or single unders. It’s the athlete’s choice. However, the athlete must declare to the judge which style they are choosing and only that style reps will count toward the score. Also, single unders will be rounded up to the nearest even number and then divided by 2.

Example – Athlete does 123 SUs. Round up to 124. Divide by 2. Score=62


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Festivus Wod #1

6-Minute AMRAP

Intermediates (115#/85#)

7 – Power Cleans

5 – Front-Rack Reverse Lunges

3 – Wall Walks

Novice/Masters (85# Male/55# Female)

7 – Power Cleans

5 – Front-Rack Reverse Lunges

3 – Shoulder to Overhead (S2OH)

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