That Knocked My Shoes Off

Happy Friday, Hardchargers!

When you guys think of the word “incrementalism” what do you think? Many things could come to mind—politics, culture, family, societal change, social change, even friendship change. Incrementalism, by definition, is “Incrementalism is a method of working by adding to a project using many small incremental changes instead of a few large jumps. Logical incrementalism implies that the steps in the process are sensible”.

Seeing the definition of incrementalism, how can we apply this to our life and even to our fitness? Oftentimes we see the end result of where we want to be but struggle to get there. We find ourselves with “analysis paralysis”, not knowing where to go or which direction to step into first. Small, simple, everyday steps are the keys to obtaining your maximum efficiency and stepping toward your goals.

Example: In fitness, we often hear of someone saying “I want to eat healthier!” So, much like people do when they start New Years Resolutions, they cut out all sweets, dairy, bread, sugar and get nothing but organic food because we are “turning over a new leaf”. 3 weeks later, we find ourselves right back on square one and we continue feeding our body garbage. Instead, taking a small “incremental” step, saying “This week, I am taking bread away from my food arsenal”. Once you begin to hammer the habit of no bread, you can move on to the next goal.

How do we apply this to our fitness? Find a small, doable goal to work toward your bigger goal. Hammer the habit, and the reward will be big.

Let us be known as a group of fitnessers who do the common uncommonly well (Ben Bergeron quote). Little, small, everyday consistencies yield big results ultimately. Have a great one guys!

Zach McGeorge #LeadTheCharge

Ruck 18.4


Hardcharger Rucking will be rucking Bee Rock. Meeting at the gym at 8:30am. If anyone has any questions contact Couch or Jake. We can help you pack you’re ruck if it’s uncomfortable. Bring snacks and water, maybe a towel. See you there rain sleet or snow. Thanks guys. Anyone going on the ruck who wears their Ranger panties (aka. Silkies) gets the first of the Hardcharger Rucking moto patches. #GoRuck #LeadTheCharge #RuckClub #CrossFitHardcharger ##HardchargerRucking

Hardcharger Summer Games

The Hardcharger Summer games is an event created for CrossFitters, bringing us together in an endeavor to have fun in competition, but to also raise money for local charities or groups. The event is comprised of 3 person teams (3 males or 3 females). Teams can expect RX and scaled divisions, as well as prizes. Prizes will be announced on the day of the event.

Cream Puff

CrossFit HardCharger – CrossFit

Warm Up

A.) foam roll 5 minutes (full body)

B.) 3X30 Banded Good Morning

Cobra push up:20 push ups + 30 second hold

C.) 3X10 leg swings (each leg)


Deadlift (3 reps at 70%, 3 reps at 80%, max reps 90% )

Assistance Work

3X10-12 wide stance good morning (empty barbell)

3X8 KB front Squat (heavy)


Metcon (Time)


Air Squat

ABMAT Sit up

Total Domination

CrossFit HardCharger – CrossFit


A.) 5 X 45 Seconds on, 45 Seconds off

Record your total meters rowed/ski/ or bike (your choice on which machine you choose to use). 60-70% Effort here.

B.) 3X10 PVC Pass Through

C.) Banded Shoulder Dislocate 1:00

Banded Hip Distraction 1:00

IT Band Stretch 1:00

**We are going to be using today and tomorrow to de load a bit for Murph on Saturday. Keep the intensity high and volume low**

Skill Work

EMOM X 10 Mins

Odd: Power Snatch + Hang Power Snatch + OH Squat (Athletes choice on loading)

Even: 30 Seconds of max double unders

Assistance Work

Ring Dip Static Hold: 4 sets of 30 seconds

(If the athlete is not comfortable with this progression, move to a standard plank hold)

Push up into ring dip position with arms locked straight and hold.


Metcon (Time)



200 m run after each set

The Grass Is Always Greener

CrossFit HardCharger – CrossFit

Warm Up

A.) 10 KB Swings

10 1 Arm Front Squat (5 per leg)

10 1 Arm KB Snatch

10 Kb 1 Arm Row

–Repeat 2 x through–

B.) 3X10 PVC Pass Through

C.) 3X30 Banded Pull Apart


Bench Press (3 reps @ 70%. 3 @ 80%, max reps @ 90%)

Pec Pump

DB Flat Bench

3xMax Rep DB Flat Bench Press

(Heaviest load for most reps. If you’re an OG use the 85’S!)
Score is your set with the highest reps


Metcon (Time)

7 Rounds For Time:

15 Cal Ski/Row


RX + is Bike Cal and Strict HSPU

Southern Grove

CrossFit HardCharger – CrossFit


A.) 3 X Through

(Laying on stomach) Reach/Roll/Lift (5 per arm)

10 UpWright Rows (per arm)

30 Second Bar Hang

B.) 2 X Through

5 walkouts

10 PVC Pass Through

1 minute standing stalder stretch

C.) 50 Crunches

Skill Work

12 Minutes to work on the following (choose 1 or divide up time on all 3)

A.) 3x Max Strict Pull Ups

B.) Ring Muslce Up Progression (work on kipping motion)

C.) HSPU (Kipping, new open standard)


Metcon (Time)

For Time:

800 M Row

–Then 3 Rounds

15 Hang Power Clean 95/65

20 Box Jump Over

25 KB Swing (Russian) 53/35


800 M row

I See Land Ahead

CrossFit HardCharger – CrossFit

Warm Up

A.) 3 Times Through

Banded Side Walk (Down and Back)

30 Banded Pull Throughs (KB Swing Style)

Wall Squats 15 Reps (Chest facing the walls, knees out and chest up)

B.) 3 Minutes Walking Lunges


Back Squat (Set 1 @ 70%, Set 2 @ 80%, max reps at 90%)

Assistance Work

A.) Single Leg Deadlift (DB’s Or KB’s) 3 sets of 10 Each Leg

B.) Banded Glute Bridge: 100 Total Reps


Metcon (Time)

For Time:


Wall Ball 20/14

C2B Pull Ups