Jacob Floyd
Owner/Head Coach, CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Kids, Scaling Course

Jacob is a former Marine and a Firefighter for the City of London. He was introduced to CrossFit in the Marines, but really saw what it was all about when he went to his first Affiliate. The community that CrossFit Affiliate’s create in their gyms is truly an amazing experience. His goal for his members is to have the best hour of their day spent at CrossFit Hardcharger!

Caitlin Floyd
Owner, CrossFit Level 1

Caitlin participated in competitive cheerleading through college. She tried CrossFit after becoming a new Mom and was hooked from the first class. Her favorite part of coaching is seeing members’ focus transition from how they look to what they are capable of doing!

Neechie Collins
CrossFit Level II

Neechie started at CrossFit Hardcharger in 2016 the days the doors were opened! Having personal body image issues at that time She learned that training methodology was made for all types of people. She was embraced by a fairly small, very tight-knit, welcoming community that has grown tremendously! Having the chance to experience the CrossFit culture as a beginner to a somewhat seasoned CrossFitter. She has gotten to observe the massive growth within our community as a Hardcharger and it has been such an amazing experience!
“Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever.”
-1st Corinthians 9:25

Aubrey Steele-Hensley
CrossFit Level 1

Health and wellness is Aubrey’s main goal. She is a mom of two wild children, and very thankful to CrossFit for helping her to be able to keep up with them around the house. So come on in to CrossFit HardCharger and get your fitness in with our amazing community!

Keshia Amburgey
Coach+ Video/Pro Photographer + Social Media Marketing

Keshia was introduced to CrossFit back in 2013 and ever since then her passion for the sport grew. She is also our pro film/photographer and media marketer. She’s a motivator and loves seeing athletes improve on a daily basis!

Jen Roberts
CrossFit Level 1

Jenn began her CrossFit journey in 2016 and has never looked back. She is a critical care nurse who enjoyed Track and field during her high school years. And spent her college years racing dirt bikes with her high school sweetheart and now husband Terry. They have one son, Ryder, who also attends with them. Jenn has a deep love for health and fitness and is always there to encourage athletes to be their very best.

Cara Evans
CrossFit Level 1, Scaling Course, Spot the Flaw Course, Nutrition Course

Cara started CrossFit in 2019 at CrossFit Hardcharger and immediately fell in love with the feeling of getting stronger and faster. Previous to CrossFit, she ran cross country and rode horses in high school. She’ll take any chance she can get to walk on her hands, and her favorite lift is the squat snatch. As an athlete, she’s super competitive. As a coach, she has little mercy and challenges you to be better than you were yesterday.

Caleb Wiggington
CrossFit Level 1

Caleb is a former collegiate basketball player and now serves as Student Pastor at First Baptist Church of London. Besides the challenge and competition, Caleb’s favorite thing about CrossFit is the fun-loving and encouraging community it provides to every member.