EMK_1173Owner/Head Coach-Jacob Floyd

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Scaling

Jacob played football at North Laurel and College of the Cumberlands. He took a brief sabbatical and joined the Marine Corps. After a couple of tours to Iraq and staying in Hawaii with his buds, he decided to settle down and married his smoking hot wife Caitlin. He finished up his Bachelors of Science in Biology at Western Kentucky University.  His wife and he decided that they would open up this sweet gym to grow an awesome community of people who enjoy fitness as much as they do. Jacob has two wild kids who are seen from time to time at the gym tearing up jack. Jacob likes to drink coffee and snatch. He also took a floral design class and can make a beautiful flower arrangement or tie some bows when needed.


Owner/Coach- Caitlin Floyd

CrossFit Level 1

Caitlin trained as a gymnast and in ballet in her youth and then started cheer-leading for North Laurel. She was on top cheer-leading teams in the nation and then went on to cheer at Morehead State University. Caitlin usually walks around on her hands more than her feet for some  reason. She loves spending time with her family and crushing WOD’s on a daily basis.  She decided to open CrossFit Hardcharger with her Husband to help people that are struggling with their fitness or people that just want to challenge themselves more.  Caitlin always has the best cookie recipes known to man.EMK_7771

Coach-Derrick Watkins

CrossFit Level 2

School teacher by day, Alligator wrestler by night.


Coach-Jessica Couch

CrossFit Level 1

The love of strength, fitness and sports have always been apart of Jessica’s life. Moving to London in 2013, her passion for crossfit and weightlifting started shortly there after. After being apart of the Hardcharger family since our opening days, she is now a L1 crossfit trainer. She aspires to bring her experience with weight loss & strength training, crossfit pregnancy, post-partum recovery and overall wellness to anyone who has the slightest doubt in themselves and what they can become with just some good hard work. Jess is our Beast Mode Mom!

Neechie Hurley

CrossFit Level 1

Making America Lift Again!

Andrew Cornn

CrossFit Level 1

Just a Good Ole Boy


Coach-Jason Back

CrossFit Level 1